Welcome to the official website of composer Da Jeong Choi

“Choi is a prolific and industrious composer who is serious about both her artistic and pedagogical work—her collaborative projects with performers and other artists and her dedication to students are exemplary.”

-Joseph Paul Klein

“Da Jeong Choi has a unique compositional voice.”
“Dr. Choi’s music has entranced and challenged the audience.”

-Mark Ford

“Dr. Choi has both the knowledge and understanding of her craft and the appropriate attitude towards performers that helps to produce an enjoyable experience for all concerned.”

-Paul Hoffman

“Choi is definitely one of a kind, a unique talent, blending the best of east and west, contemporary and classical, and brining these diverse heritages into exciting musical compositions.”

-Andrew B. Harris

“The way she blends Asian elements and jazz elements is innovative. Her ability to express ideas into music and skill of composition is extraordinary. This piece represents her astonishing ability. I believe that she can compose great music to the world.”

-Katsuki Tochio