Cantus Curatio II (Healing Melody No.2)

Cantus Curatio II (Healing Melody No.2) for Violin Solo is dedicated to victims of Cervical Cancer.The significant musical language in this piece is Non-retrogradable Rhythm, modes from Olivier Messiaen’s Modes of limited transposition and composer’s new mode (C-C#-D-Eb-F#-G-A-Bb). It consists of four sections: A-B-C-A’: Nonretrogradable rhythm is thoroughly used in the entire piece. The first section A includes Messiaen’s mode 7 and Choi’s mode; the second section B comprises mode 3, the third section C contains mode 4 and mode 2, and the fourth section mode 7.

Instrumentation: Violin Solo

Duration: 7 min

Premiere: Maria Jose Romero Ramos, Musica Donum ConcertA 21st Century Contemporary Music Composition Concert (Duo Concert with Paul Thomas), Trinity United Methodist Church, Denton, TX, USA on November 9, 2008.