Cantus Curatio III (Healing Melody No.3)

Cantus Curatio III (Healing Melody No.3) for piccolo solo is dedicated to victims who are diagnosed with diabetes.It consists of four sections; each section comprises a mixture of fast staccato lines and legato passages; Also B, C and D sections contain contrast between time sense and timelessness by alternating tempi, often changes of time signature, and non-retrograde rhythms. Primary pitch materials are three Octatonic scales.

Composer’s Note of Cantus Curatio Series

Another artistic outlet that I have been working on as a composer is my composition series titled Cantus Curatio (“Healing Melody” in Latin) for solo instrument, which is similar to the solo composition series by Luciano Berio and Vincent Persichetti. Each piece is dedicated to victims who are diagnosed with a different disease. The inspiration for this series originated from a meeting with dancer Debra Keller (Dance faculty at Rutgers, New Jersey State University) with whom I was working for dance classes in 2003. One day in 2006 she asked me whether she could use one of my works, “Healing Melody” for Violin and Marimba (2003) for her dance project “To Mother” in Princeton, NJ because this particular piece reminded her of her mother who died of breast cancer. After the performance, I ran into several people who have suffered from breast cancer, which inspired me to write a first Cantus Curatio series piece, Cantus Curatio I for alto saxophone and piano dedicated to breast cancer patients.

Instrumentation: Piccolo Solo

Duration: 7min (original)/ 5 min (shorter)

Premiere: Julee Kim, Faculty Recital, Eastfield College, Mesquite, Dallas, TX, USA on Feb 11, 2009