Cantus Curatio V (Healing Melody No.5)

Cantus Curatio V (Healing Melody V, 2009) for Horn Solo is dedicated to victims who are diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis.It consists of four short movements, each of which has its own unique character. It is built on the basis of a pitch set 0,1, 6, 10, 11. The middle two movements, which are twice as fast as the beginning and ending movements, unfold more freely without using any structural principles. The fourth movement emphasizes contrasts in rhythm, timbre, and dynamics and provides relatively free melodic transformations.

Instrumentation: Horn Solo

Duration: 6 min

Premiere: Cody Forrest at Spectrum Concert, UNT, Denton, TX, USA March 1, 2010 at 8:00 p.m.