Different but One Body

Different but One Body (2003/revised 2004) is written for vibraphone solo and three percussionists. The opening gesture is a fanfare for drums. The orchestration then broadens by the incorporation of the smaller percussion instruments. The vibraphone then finally clears the palate and allows voices to participate, culminating in a brief imitative phrase and an extended vibraphone solo. The primary elements of the second movement are derived from the twelve-tone system characteristic of Arnold Schoenberg. The movement starts with the prime form of the row E-Bb-A-B-C-F#-E-D-C#-G-F-D# in the vibraphone followed by the 6th prime row in Percussion III. The retrograde, the inversion, and retrograde-inversions appear throughout the entire movement as well. The third movement employs imitative counterpoint. The theme is stated in all percussion parts. The subject is presented in the Percussion solo, and answered in Percussion II & III. The fourth movement which begins with four Tom-Toms played on the shell with sticks followed by a voice “Ha!” is a highly energetic movement that consistently presents combinations between melodic motion in the vibraphone solo and rhythmic motion in the drum.

*Percussive Art Society reviewed “Different but One Body” in Percussive Notes 90 August (2006).

* Published by Keyboard Percussion Publications in Asbury Park, NJ.

Instrumentation: Percussion Ensemble (vibraphone solo)

Duration: 9 min

Premiere: Exit 9 Percussion Ensemble, Te Deum Concert, East Brunswick, NJ, USA on July 27, 2003.

More performances,

Feb.26-March 1, 2009 by Dorian Carter, Colton Hines, Dane Romano, Jamie Whitmarsh, Percussion Ensemble Bass School of Music, Oklahoma City University, Oklahoma City, OK, USA

Oct 14, 2008 by Marc Wooldridge, Starla Gooch, Tim Perry, Davy Chinn, a combined concert with the IWU Wind Ensemble, Orchestra, and Percussion Ensemble and Indiana Wesleyan Percussion Ensemble, Phillipe Auditorium, Indiana Wesleyan University, Marion, IN, USA

Oct 10-11, 2008, CFAMC Conference (2008), Indiana Wesleyan University, Marion, IN, USA

Oct 10, 2008, Herman Baker Recital Hall, Indiana Wesleyan University, Marion, IN, USA

Oct. 21, 2003 by Peter J Saleh, Akiko Goto, John Lane, Josh Jennings, Spectrum I Concert, Recital Hall, University of North Texas, Denton, TX, USA