String Quartet No.1

String Quartet No. 1 (2009) consists of three main sections set off by significant contrasts. The first section creates variety of textures by the mixture of polyphonic and homophonic settings, various ways of motivic transformation, and the use of highly extreme registral range of strings. The second section opens with multiple layers at a slow tempo and with a more conceived melody and accompaniment texture; three primary melodic lines appear as a leading role and the first violin plays a supportive role. The third section provides new thematic materials and musical elements derived from the previous sections. The first section returns to the end as a coda.

Instrumentation: String Quartet

Duration: 10 min

Premiere: String Quartet of the St. George Strings, Mladen Drenic, Miljana Popovis, Ljubomir Milanovic, and Srdan Sretenovic (TV, Radio Broadcasting) at the 18th International Review of Composers, 2009THE ECHOES OF SPACE Composers Association of Serbia in Belgrade, Serbia Nov. 13-18, 2009.