The Most High My Dwelling Place (2020)

Lyrics (Psalm 91)


I am living in the shelter of God, the Most High.
I am breathing in the shadow of God, the Almighty.
You will cover me with Your feathers.
Under Your wings, I’ll find rest.
You are my dwelling place.
You are my refuge, my fortress, my God in whom I trust.

Chorus 1

I’m holding fast to You in love.
You deliver me, protect me.
I know Your name, Jesus.
In times of trouble, You are with me.

Bridge 1

I do not fear the terror of the night.
I do not fear the arrow flying by day.
I do not fear the pestilence of darkness.
I do not fear the shadow of death.

Chorus 2

A thousand may fall at my side
but it will not come near me.
Ten thousand at my right hand
but it will not come near me.

Bridge 2

No evil befalls me.
No spirit of fear comes near me.
You rescue me and honor me.
You satisfy me with long life.



Chorus 4

Lets’ go into the house of the Lord.
My feet are standing in His gates.
My help comes from the Most High,
Who gives me strength within my soul.

Bridge 4

I cast my crown at Your feet.
You call my name and heal my soul.
I lay all down before Your throne.
You hold my hand with mercy and grace.

Chorus 1

Bridge 2


You show me Your salvation.


Instrumentation: Voice and Piano

Duration: 4 min

Song and Lyrics by Da Jeong C. Stoughton
Lyrics inspired by Psalms 91, 122, 138